Big Bag of Bulbs

Any suggestions?
Any suggestions?

This time every year each Sedgemoor District Council ward gets a big bag of daffodil bulbs to do something useful with. And so we have here in Westover another big bag of bulbs to do something useful with. Any ideas?

In the past we’ve given the bulbs to, for instance Brownes Pond, the YMCA skate park or the Friarn Avenue community garden or on one occasion we marked out the floor space of the planned Tesco’s on Brewery Field -sadly these kept (and keep) getting mown down by the gardeners.

If anyone has any ideas what to do with our bulbs this year drop a line to us at

Of course every Sedgemoor ward has these bulbs so if you want to find your local councillor and tell them what to do with their bulbs here’s how to find them….click.