Bridgwater Mural is Finished

The new Mural celebrating Bridgwater’s history and created by local artist Rachel Gundry with help from residents and even passers-by, has been unveiled for all to see. The artwork is located on the Broadway side of Blake Gardens and has been sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council and started during the Quayside Festival.

Town Council Leader Brian Smedley said “This is a welcome addition to the townscape and something that celebrates the town and it’s history. Of course it can be seen not just by walkers and cyclists it can be viewed by motorists as they pass by (or more likely queue) on the nearby Broadway. The mural was the initiative of local residents who asked for something that brightened up the old Wessex Water pumping station and ward councillors responded. We hope it will be appreciated and respected.”

See here how the mural took shape month by month…