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Monitoring the Northgate Project:- Autumn 2021

Westover Councillors continue to meet with Sedgemoor officers to keep up to date with the Northgate project and have also been taken on a tour of the site by Wilmott Dixon. However, tensions have been creeping in due to the failure for any of them to take responsibility to fix the lights along the School […]

Monitoring the Northgate Project:- August 2021

We’re 4 months in to the Northgate project and councillors and residents have kept up the pressure on Sedgemoor and Wilmott Dixon to address issues of concern as promised. This months the lights went out. Residents weren’t happy. The solution? They’re getting them fixed and adding some extra bulkhead lighting for good measure. At this […]

Monitoring the Northgate Project:- July 2021

It’s now Month 3 of the Northgate project and ward councillors continue to meet with Sedgemoor officers and Wilmott Dixon staff to pass on concerns by residents. At the latest meeting we look towards July when the Construction phase is due to start, residents concerns about ASB, lighting, litter and disturbance need addressing and a […]

Monitoring the Northgate Project:-June 2021

The Northgate site is now completely encased by custard yellow boarding and access routes have been created.  The next step will be the closure of the Brewery Field as they’re about to remove the top soil and it too will become a building site. The big issue now is the need to restrict public access […]

Monitoring the Northgate Project :- May 2021

Work has now begun on Sedgemoor’s long awaited £16m entertainment and dining development on the former site of the Sedgemoor Splash and including the Brewery Field. It’s going to be known as Northgate Yard -people don’t seem keen on that -but that’s what it’ll be. As a result we will be getting a 7-screen cinema, […]