Cold Weather Advice

Weather warning across Somerset

As severe weather hits the Bridgwater area for the first time in years, the local councils have been circulating advice for people regarding what precautions to take, where to find information and what contact numbers to use in the event of various situations.

Town Council Leader and Westover Ward councillor Brian Smedley said “The weather will only get worse and people shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security and set out to travel unprepared, if they need to travel at all. The major danger will be ice, particularly dangerous in the dark. There are stories of people ‘panic buying’ in shops and while there have been busier than normal scenes in the supermarkets it appears to be manageable, and maybe exaggerated. Airports are open at the moment as are railway lines but the imminence of ‘Storm Emma’ tonight could well change all that. There is grit down but people need to take extra care particularly as wet paths freeze and then additional light coverings of snow might hide the dangers. People need to take note that this is a ‘Red Warning’ and that means ‘risk to life’, so whilst the snow might look lovely, there is also considerable cause for concern.”

Situation Advice Contact
General Information Round-up information from Somerset County Council
Clearing pathways/pavements Where possible, follow government advice and clear snow or ice from pavements to help pedestrians, kerbside collectors and other users.
Homelessness The numbers to phone if someone requires accommodation


0900 hrs to 1700 hrs – 0300 303 7793

0900 hrs to 1700 hrs  for 16-24 year olds 01278 451204

After 1700 hrs –  01823 368 244

Rough sleepers Sedgemoor District Councils has a Severe Weather and Extended Winter Provision (SWEP) which is triggered by low temperatures and the risk of snow. When SWEP is in place Sedgemoor District Council encourages anyone sleeping rough within the district to access its Streetwatch Scheme. Sedgemoor District Council runs the Streetwatch Scheme in conjunction with the YMCA and Taunton Association for the Homeless.    Streetwatch provides bed spaces in a room of an existing supported hostel. This scheme runs throughout the year even when SWEP is not in place. In the event Streetwatch is fully occupied during SWEP, further accommodation will be provided through the YMCA or local Bed and Breakfasts. Sedgemoor District Council and Taunton Association for the Homeless also provide an outreach service for rough sleepers on Monday and Thursday mornings based at Westfield Church, Bridgwater. At the outreach mornings, rough sleepers can get access to hot food/drinks, a shower, a washing machine and housing advice. 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs – 0300 303 7793

0900 hrs to 1700 hrs  for 16-24 year olds 01278 451204

After 1700 hrs –  01823 368 244


Recycling and refuse collections ·         If severe weather means your waste is missed, put out containers again by 7am as we will try to make a return collection for four calendar days (recycling) and seven days (rubbish).

·         Alternatively, if it is safe and you have time and transport, take it all to any open recycling site, or if you have space, store your waste until your next planned collection.

·         Recycling site will remain open where possible –check our website for the latest update

·         Please help friends, family and neighbours if they are struggling with waste and containers in the bad weather. or SomersetWaste Facebook page or Twitter

School closures Head teachers make the decision about closures and have responsibility for informing parents about disruption. They are encouraged to record any closures on the SCC  webpage but the list may not be definitive
Roads – gritting see gritting routes on a searchable map from SCC
Roads/Travel For the latest on roads and travel – Somerset County Council’s website or by following @TravelSomerset on Twitter

Tenants in Private rented accommodation If tenants have problems such as frozen water pipes and therefore no water etc in particularly cold conditions, due to poor or non-existent insulation, they should contact their landlord. Contact the landlord.