Daffodils: Here are the results of the Westover Jury

YMCA canalside skatepark – in need of some planting to brighten it up.

Every year Sedgemoor councillors get a bag or two of daffodils to plant in their wards. Last year we planted the outline of the proposed (and now highly debateable) Tesco store front on the Brewery field. It’s still there despite attempts by Clean Surroundings to mow them back to the stone age.

This year we decided to run a Westover residents Poll to see where we should put them. The winning answer was of course not possible due to the rubber trousers I’ve recently been wearing. However, based on the poll at closing time we’ve given one large bag to the YMCA skatepark, sadly bereft of floral decor since it’s conception a year or so back and then split the remaining bag between the Brewery Field -where residents will shortly have a planting session and the canal path where the Old Taunton road end at Canal view will be enflowered. Finally due to the continuing generosity of Sheriff Tex of West Street, the West Street Garden bulbs have been donated to help brighten up the Friarn Avenue Community Garden.


daff survey results