Have your say on Westover Planning Matters

police station plan
Plans for this month include a 37 appartment development on the site of the Northgate Police Station

Planning applications for Bridgwater are considered by the Town Council’s planning panel for comment and then decided at Sedgemoor District Council’s Development Control committee. Non contentious decisions can be decided by the Planning officers but in these cases the role of the ward councillors can be crucial because if our views are different to the recommendations of the planning officer the matter is forced to go to committee for decision and can’t simply be nodded through.

Members of the public can view applications on the town councils ‘Planning Website’ (or in person by arrangement with the Planning Officer) and can make comment directly. However, as your ward councillors we would urge you to also raise your concerns over specific planning applications – either for or against-with us as well.

The current applications relevant to the Westover Ward are listed below.


Demolition of existing buildings, erection of four storey building to form 37 retirement apartments, communal facilities and car parking.

Planning Application Number: 08/14/00037


Conversion of former dental surgery and flat into 7 one bedroom apartments.

Planning Application Number: 08/14/00035


Replacement of window with door to West elevation of community centre and formation of outside seating area, formation of car ramp to link the centre’s car park with the public car park

Planning Application Number: 08/14/00036



Mobile Homes Act 2013 – A Victory for Mobile Home Owners

lakeside demo
Kathy Pearce with Lakeside campaigner Pauline Hayes outside the Houses of Parliament putting the case to the BBC

The Mobile Homes Act 2013, which will be implemented on 1st April, will pass most people by unnoticed. This Act, however, has come about due to persistence by a group of mobile home owners who have refused to be broken by the bullying and unscrupulous actions of some mobile park home site owners. These owners have willfully run down sites, ruining the lives of park home residents who were not part of their redevelopment plans. Typically, these site owners would run down sites, thus making the mobile homes impossible to sell. They would then step in and offer a pittance for the homes on their site. Vulnerable elderly residents would often have no choice but to sell, losing tens of thousands of pounds in some cases or continue living on the site, facing further abuse and misery.

Over three years ago, Westover Councillors  Brian Smedley and Kathy Pearce took a brave contingent of owners from the Lakeside mobile home park on Taunton Road to the Houses of Parliament.  These residents had seen their site deteriorate over the course of a few years from being a very pretty site with communal grass area and lake, advertised as a “site of quiet enjoyment for the over 55s” to a run-down, desolate place, where Police drug raids became the norm and access to the communal areas and lake were forbidden.  It was not unusual for homes to be burnt on site around the remaining residents, who struggled to carry on normal life.

Kathy says “We had gone to Parliament to join a in a nationwide campaign and to meet a cross-party committee who were investigating the problems faced by residents on mobile park home sites. There were groups of people from all over the country with harrowing tales to tell the committee. At that time, we did not believe that it would take over three years to achieve changes in the law.”

‘fit and proper’

Brian says “This Bill, although overdue, has to be  welcomed and will essentially enable Licensing Authorities (ie Sedgemoor District Council) to grant, refuse or revoke licences and to issue compliance notices to site owners if they fail to comply with site licence conditions. Crucially ,Councils will be able to determine whether an applicant is deemed to be ‘fit and proper’ to hold a site licence and refuse or revoke, if necessary.”

Kathy added “This is a real victory due to the persistence of mobile home owners and campaigners. Sadly, for many of the residents of Lakeside it has come too late as many of the original campaigners have died or moved on. However, it should provide protection for mobile park home owners from now on and is a lesson in never giving up.”


Are you Mister Westover 2014??

Mr Westover 2014
“Who fits the picture??”

Well, you might be because according to newly released statistics the average person in the Westover ward of Bridgwater is a 41 year old white male who rents a property, works in a technical or manual job, has average qualifications and is in reasonably good health.

To be honest, this is pretty much the picture across most of Bridgwater – until you hit the Durleigh end of the town, now known as the ‘Wyndham Ward’ (named after the former Dr Morgans Grammar school ‘house’ that recruited it’s membership from that part of town and itself named after the Royalist Governor of Bridgwater Castle during the siege in 1645). Whilst the average age and ethnicity of that ward is consistent with Westover there are stark differences in Housing with a massive 83% owning or in the process of owning their homes in Wyndham compared with 48% and a mere 16% rented compared to 49% in Westover. The class divide continues with 16% of those in Westover in council houses and just 3% similarly housed in Wyndham.

If we look at Education  Wyndham leads Bridgwater with 23% highly qualified to degree level or higher whilst Westover stands on 15% dropping to 11% in Hamp and Sydenham and 10% in Dunwear. 31% Westover residents have no qualifications compared to 23% in Wyndham and 37% in Dunwear.

In terms of Employment it won’t now be a surprise that the Wyndham end of town continues the long standing tradition of being home to the people who own and run the town with 36% of it’s residents in professional or higher management jobs whilst in Westover that drops to 20% which is about average for the rest of the town. Westover now can claim the highest unemployment rate in the town at 14%, outstripping Hamp on 12% and Eastover on 11% whilst Wyndham finds itself with a happy 4%.

Sadly, Westover also beats the rest of the town for bad Health with 2% of our population claiming this and only 38% boasting very good health (compared to Wyndhams 45%).

Comparative stats

These are the first comparative statistics that have been made available based on the towns new ward boundaries and date back just to 2011. What it does show is their remains a social divide in Bridgwater and if you compare the towns statistics with a sample out of town area within Sedgemoor such as Burnham North you can see how similar that is to the Wyndham area of Bridgwater and generally across Sedgemoor.

As the Council prepares to celebrate 40 years of Sedgemoor District Council next week it’s acutely clear that social disparity remains entrenched in the system.

And that’s before we even get on to foodbanks……

To find the other wards and more detailed statistics go to the web site below.



Planning permission passed by one vote for ‘workhouse’ Care Home burial site development

workhouse or prison
“Workhouse or Prison?”

Sedgemoors planning committee voted by 7 votes to 6 against the wishes of ward councillors, residents and Bridgwater councillors present, to approve the controversial proposal for a 45 bed care home on the site of the Sion chapel burial ground in Bridgwater’s historic Friarn street.

Proposing the motion Cllr Derek Alder (Con Kings isle) said “There maybe some overshadowing of nearby properties but by Bridgwater standards it’s quite reasonable” . He was seconded by Cllr Mike Mansfield (Ind Highbridge) who said “We’ll all need care homes soon”. But one where the only amenity space is a graveyard??

Why are we building a ‘workhouse’?

Bridgwater Mayor Cllr Dave Loveridge (Labour Eastover) said “This looks like a workhouse! Why are we building a workhouse!? There’s no ‘dignity’ in this. It’s horrendous. “

He was supported by Bridgwater Councillor Graham Granter (Labour Fairfax) who said “This is overdevelopment, 7 parking spaces is too few, it’s the 13th application there’s been and really they should go back and produce something with adequate parking and amenities.”

Cllr Gill Slocombe (Con Wyndham) made it a full deck of Bridgwater councillors present objecting saying “Is this a care home or a prison? People will be expecting visitors. I am very concerned about the historical aspects being overlooked and there are human remains here.”

Bridgwater resident Bob Cudlipp said “There is also a flood risk as the Durleigh brook goes right through it and this has caused flooding in Blake gardens in recent months. Will the developers be paying the Flood Tarrif?” He was told they wouldn’t. Continue reading “Planning permission passed by one vote for ‘workhouse’ Care Home burial site development”

Ward Councillors object to ‘burial ground’ ‘Care Home’ proposals

kath pearce at sion
Cllr Kathy Pearce , objecting on the grounds of ‘over development’

Plans to build a care home on the site of a cemetery are being contested by Westover ward district councillors Kathy Pearce and Brian Smedley when it comes to Development Control Committee on Tuesday 18th March .

The proposal by Acorn Developments will see the erection of a 4-storey building to form 45 bedroom elderly persons Care and a 3 storey building to form 6 Extra Care apartments for the elderly on Land between Friarn Street and, Broadway, Bridgwater. Whilst the site is currently vacant and has been overgrown for a number of years it is situated within the designated Bridgwater Town Centre Conservation Area and historically was occupied by the Sion Chapel (latterly the Salvation Army citadel) erected in 1822. Although this building was demolished in 1971, the 1822 building replaced an earlier building which had been in ecclesiastical use for a number of year prior to its replacement and contains a large number of graves possibly in the order of 90. Continue reading “Ward Councillors object to ‘burial ground’ ‘Care Home’ proposals”