Northgate: The Blackout Continues

The nights draw in, the lights remain off

Sedgemoor’s prestige legacy project ‘Northgate Yard’ is looking a little less prestigious this week…well, if you could see it at all  as the dark nights draw in and the lights remain off. The disruption caused to residents during the construction phase has been made worse by months of failure to fix the street lights on the pathway that links Anson Way to Northgate. Such was the catalogue of failed deadlines that ward councillors raised the issue with Sedgemoor Portfolio Holder Cllr Mark Healey who assured the Full Council meeting they would be sorted by Monday 11 October. Sadly, or maybe inevitably, not only weren’t the lights fixed (instead works were timetabled for 2oth October) but the lights on the other access route (Blacklands to Mount Street) then went out leaving both paths around the site in darkness. Ward councillors again immediately demanded action and were told that this would be next day. But residents are losing patience . Ward Councillor Brian Smedley visited the site again this evening and then again wrote to SDC and Wilmott Dixon demanding that someone takes responsibility.

the Celebration mile….something to celebrate?

“Dear SDC and Wilmott Dixon

I have been raising the issue of the lack of lights on the Celebration mile footpath alongside the school since mid summer and warning that residents are not happy with the lack of action.
Last week i raised this at full council with the SDC portfolio holder Mark Healey who said they would be sorted today.
Not only aren’t they sorted today but the secondary access route, from Blacklands to Mount street, is also now blacked out.
This is clearly a failure of the bulkhead lights which WD have provided but it leaves the only access route now pitch black.
The lights fail on the last surviving route around Northgate

Residents, despite being kept informed by ward councillors about progress and response, are not happy and some are  taking to social media to shame the council, Wilmot Dixon and local councillors. That is a situation I’m sure none of us want for such a prestige legacy project as this one.

Please could someone take responsibility for this failure not only of power but authority and sort this out
I attach photos from my walk around the site tonight
cllr Brian Smedley
Westover ward”