Town’s Youth Forum Relaunch Planned for October 22nd

Cllr Julie Cordiner, Portfolio Holder for Youth

Bridgwater Town Council has a budget of £15,000 for  ‘Youth Grants’ but for the past 18 months the Youth Forum which considers the applications and decides on the awards has been suspended due to Covid. Now that the Council is fully functioning as society breaks away from the cycle of lockdowns, the Youth Forum has been recalled to coincide with the start of the new school year. Youth Portfolio Holder Cllr Julie Cordiner (Labour, Victoria) has set a meeting for Friday 22nd October and is  now calling on Groups within the town to apply for a share of this year’s allocation.

Cllr Julie Cordiner said “It has been a difficult time during Covid because we couldn’t hold face to face meetings and then we couldn’t transfer to Zoom because of safeguarding issues. However, I have now contacted all the schools and we are pleased to see the Youth Forum  up and running again.”

Youth Forum

The aim of the Youth Grant is to highlight youth provision in the town of Bridgwater, to add value to existing providers and to encourage new and additional initiatives. The target age range is agreed at 11-18. The amount of grant per applicant will not normally exceed £500, however, if your application is for a higher amount this can also be submitted and will be considered on its merits. Funding could be available for general running expenses, specific projects, staff, resources, equipment, programmes, residential. Grants will only be payable to organisations with a recognised bank account. Applicants must have in place appropriate Health and Safety and Child protection policies. Applications promoting religious or party-political beliefs will not be considered. Applications must be developed with the involvement of the young people who will benefit from the award.  Bids will be considered and evaluated by Bridgwater Youth Council who will make recommendations to the Town Clerk for decision. Applicants must spend the allocated money within the financial year and an end of funding evaluation report must be submitted within 4 weeks of the project end date.

The Bridgwater Youth Forum comprises delegates from each of the 4 secondary schools and from Bridgwater College. This body considers the grant applications and makes the decision.

The Process for grant applications is as follows

  1. Groups submit their application before the 22nd October
  2. Applications will be considered by the Youth Forum on Friday 22 October 2021
  3. Applicants will be notified of the decision and if accepted will be required to sign an acceptance form
  4. Grants are paid to successful applicants
  5. Applicant to complete and funding evaluation report within 4 weeks of the project end date.

You can access the Grant application form on the Town Council website

For further information contact Town Clerk David Mears on

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