Two ‘Good News’ Stories from Northgate

Let there be light……

The 18th October has passed. The deadline for the Northgate lights to be fixed is now history. Will they? Won’t they? ‘YES!’ of course they will. Of course there’s a point to all this. Not only have the Northgate lights been fixed on time but tonight we have, in fact, ‘too many’ lights. But we’re not complaining. Not only have the street lights been fixed but the temporary lights are on as well. Let’s hope they stay on. Because they’ve JUST managed to get it done before the winter nights start to kick in round about 4 in the afternoon . So, thanks for the patience and vigilance of the residents -who are putting up with a lot here – and thanks to the authorities -Sedgemoor and Wilmott Dixon, for getting the lights working again. Cllr Brian Smedley (Westover)  said “Good.”

A dog

And…..another important news flash….Dogs are NOT going to be banned from the new Brewery Field Town Centre park. A rumour has been going round the neighbourhood these last few weeks that there will be a dog ban .

Cllr Kathy Pearce (Westover)  has got to the bottom of the rumour and obtained this statement from a senior source , who shall remain Sedgemoor Deputy Chief Executive Doug Bamsey , There is no truth in the rumour. As you would expect, the fenced children’s play area will be a dog exclusion zone. Aside from that, it will all be as before in terms of access for dog walkers.”

So this month it’s  Hooray for everybody!