Bridgwater History Day 2021 will be Saturday 20th November

Bridgwater History Day is back! After a year off due to Covid (where it continued online) we’ll be back at the Bridgwater Arts Centre with a selection of stories from our towns fascinating history. The date will be Saturday 20th November and the event will run from 1030 to 4pm. As usual it’s totally free and includes some historic free meal mid day as well. Bridgwater History Day is sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council and Bridgwater College. This year the range of local speakers will cover topics ranging from King Arthur, through Bridgwater’s parks and gardens to Christabella Wyndham  plus some modern political history. As usual local photographic archivist Paul Bovett has dug out a fascinating selection of his popular ‘photos of old Bridgwater’. Covid secure measures will be taken inside the building but for those who might feel unsafe we are also live streaming the event here.

Cllr Kathy Pearce will talk about Bridgwater’s Parks and Gardens

For links to last years History day click on the links below

Paul Bovettes photos here.

Brian Smedley’s ‘Bridgwater Stop Line’ here

Dave Chapple’s ‘shirt and collar strike’  here

Miles Kerr Petersons ‘Bridgwater’s bridges’ here

Val Bannisters Emelias story here


Programme for History Day 2021

We are  live streaming the event here.

1000 Doors open coffees available
1030 Mayor of Bridgwater Cllr Leigh Redman Welcome
1035 Brian Smedley Your compere for the day
1040 Chris Sidaway King Arthur-The Man Behind the Myth  and Legend’
1120 Miles Kerr-Peterson ‘Fire, Cheese and Corsets: A Crosspath in the Wembdon Road Cemetery’
1150-1210 Kathy Pearce The Parks and Gardens of Bridgwater…..
1210 Val Bannister Christabella Wyndham
1230-1330 free lunch Provided by Purplespoon
1330 Paul Bovett More photos of Old Bridgwater
1400 Brian Smedley  ‘Bridgwater’s International Links’
1430 Dave Chapple Bridgwater 1983 to 2004: a Working-class, Left-wing Rebellious Town?”
1500-1530 Tony Woolrich The Bridgwater 19th Century Poor Law,
1530 Brian Smedley summary and farewell