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Town Centre Cleaner Honoured by Local Councils

Today, Cllr Kathy Pearce was chairing a meeting of the Town Council’s Environment Working Party to consider proposals to give a boost to Town Centre cleaning. One of the key men in the know and in the room was cleaning operative John Parker, one of Sedgemoor District Council’s longest serving employees clocking up a magnificent […]

Sedgemoor Tories sign up to 3 weekly Waste Collection Despite Labour opposition

Despite a campaign to prevent Tory Sedgemoor introducing the ‘Recycle More’ project into areas felt by many local residents to be unsuitable, weight of numbers at the Full Council meeting this week sealed the fate of the people and a move to 3 weekly waste collection will be introduced. At the Full Council meeting of […]

Sedgemoor Exec vote through 3 weekly Rubbish Collection

Today’s Executive meeting of Tory controlled Sedgemoor District Council voted unanimously to implement the new ‘Recycle More’ service model for rubbish collection which meant increasing the amount of recycling to include plastics but to increase the timescale for general waste collection to 3 weeks. This brings Sedgemoor in line with other councils across Somerset which […]

Exciting scenes as Dog Waste Bin finally installed at Docks

Earlier this year , Westover councillors responded to residents requests for more dog waste bins by working with Clean Surroundings and Bridgwater Town Council to access a couple of extra bins for the ward. The original campaign called for a bin in the vicinity of Manley Gardens and resulted in the one currently on the […]

Dog Bin Poll results…it’s a TIE for first place.

Never mind all these forthcoming elections, the poll we’ve all been waiting for has now been concluded and the votes are in, counted verified and ……er…’s a dead heat. By close of poll midnight 10th April, the Morrisons/YMCA site and the Docks site had each received 19% of the popular vote. In 3rd place came […]