Category: Flooding

Storm and Flood Warnings for the Bridgwater Area

Police have called a major incident with a red warning for severe weather which hugs the coastline.  Winds will be starting up at 0300 hrs on 18th February and really bad from 0700 hrs until mid-day, and there will be gusts of up to 100 mph, especially along the Severn channel.  Wind will remain strong […]

Bridgwater Sends Solidarity to Flood Stricken People of East Timor

Devastating floods and landslides have hit Timor-Leste (East Timor)  this Easter starting in the early morning of Easter Sunday, 4 April 2021. Some 34 people have been reported to have died, mainly in the countries capital Dili. The sizeable East Timor Community in Bridgwater has already raised over £5,000 from personal donations. Their spokesman in […]

Town Council demands ‘Futureproofing’ as Tidal Barrier decision takes shape

In the second world war the River Parrett was going to be Churchill’s ‘stop line’ if Hitler had invaded from the south west. That’s why there’s pill boxes everywhere. Today the major issue along the banks of our river is stopping any tidal invasion of Bridgwater and so that’s why they’re going to build a […]

Groundswell Rising: Anti Fracking Film at Arts Centre

The people of Bridgwater are invited to a film screening of Groundswell Rising, a documentary about fracking in America and the social movement which has emerged from affected communities. It is informative, daunting, inspiring and hopeful all at once. Mark Lichty from Pennsylvania in the USA is the film’s executive producer and will be in […]