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Solution for Bridgwater Dock’s Boating Community in Sight

For over a year now the future of Bridgwater’s famous Docks has been in doubt as its owner Somerset County Council and Canal and River Trust, who operate the Docks, have discussed termination of the lease. Caught in the middle are the boating community who live there and trying to bring all sides together to […]

“Save Our Boats” Petition Launched as Docks Campaign Steps up a Gear

Bridgwater Town Council has been engaged in negotiations with Somerset County Council for over a year to try to find a Community led solution to the future of Bridgwater Docks. However, as the parties edge closer to that solution a new threat to the project has emerged as a result of Canal and Rivers Trust’s […]

Town Council ‘Determined to Maintain Our  Docks Heritage’

Bridgwater Town Council has long advocated the restoration of the towns waterways including the preservation of the docks, enabling the tidal barrier to have a sea lock so that the river is navigable and upgrading the canal. Recent news that the Canal and River Trust (CRT) lease on the docks is coming to an end […]

Sunday 2nd June is Bridgwater Docks Gala 2019

Bridgwater Docks are a hidden gem and something we should all be making more of. Bridgwater and it’s waterways are obviously a wonderful focal point for our maritime history and our waterbound present. For several years now Patsy Robinson and the Inland Waterways Association have been organising a ‘Docks Gala’ which draws attention to our […]

Dramatic Scenes at Early Morning Westover River Rescue

When you see a life belt floating midstream at high tide it can mean one of 2 things – there’s someone in danger somewhere and maybe slipped through the belt into the murky depths of the river Parrett below, or some idiots just gone and thrown one in for a laugh. Either way, it was […]