Bridgwater Town Diary

Some things what happen in Bridgwater and some equally personal thoughts about them by Westover Councillor and Town Council Leader Brian Smedley. All opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily not bonkers. Oh and are definitely not official Labour Party policy, God No, they wouldn’t want people to think that.

It’s the Way I Tell ’em

It’s my fault of course. If I write slightly too many words for my Mercury column they just end it at the exact moment the wordcount ends and my hilarious punchline just dissapears. That’s what happens this week. However, as I also reprint my EXACT wording as submitted in this ‘Town Diary’ then people can see exactly what I was getting at. Not that everybody gets my sense of humour. In fact, I’m not sure that I do. But read on below..

This week I went and did a history talk in the depths of the Polden Hills. The topic was Bridgwater’s most radical Radical in ‘radical’ history.  I told them about 10 of our best rebels and then they had a secret vote on it. And guess who won? Yes obviously it was Robert Blake but it did get me thinking that as Edward Carson of the Ulster Unionist Party used to say “It’s the way I tell ‘em!” Continue reading “It’s the Way I Tell ’em”

Now then, who can we blame this week?

Did you actually read the article?” “No as soon as I seen his face it sent me in a depressed state of mind.” That was my favourite comment in a week of abuse on social media. There’s a modern style of journalism where you get people to write something. Could be an opinion piece, could be a piece of creative writing. God forbid you try to be imaginative and mix the two because you can guarantee that 90% of those reading won’t have got what you’re saying or will read into it what they like anyway. And the selling point will be posting it on social media so that the pack can tear it (and you) to pieces. Not too unlike the Roman amphitheatres really. Or a public hanging. That’ll learn ‘em and make us feel good at the same time.

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Something Better Change

Bridgwater is an amazing place to live and work in, the industry is booming, the future looks great, and the town has the most progressive council in Somerset.

So, admittedly we’ve been interviewing people for jobs all week and got a lot of this from the candidates. But actually, I think it’s true.

However, also this week I had to take a school group of 7- to 9-year-olds on a tour of the town…. would I get the same response?

You (and I) will be pleased to know that actually I did. Not only were the kids really excited about Bridgwater’s history, re-enacting scenes in the castle dungeons under the Art Centre (and asking me to turn the lights out -much to their teachers near panic) , they asked so many enquiring questions and came up with such a lot of great ideas for the future inspired by what they saw (what to do with the docks, what we should put in kids play areas) but they were nice, polite and enthusiastic. What a positive hope for the future.

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It’s the Bloody Council!

Right! That’s it!! That’s the last straw! I’m grabbing my flaming torch, rounding up my mates and we’re going up ‘the council’ to ‘let them know what we think’!

Well, I say ‘mates’, there was about 50 of us when we were out-screaming each other on  the ‘Shouty-Mc-Shouty’ Facebook chat group. Now there was just me and Dave.

Come on Dave. Let’s go!! Oh, your flaming torch has gone out. Right. Look, use this rolled up copy of ‘This is What They’re Like!!’  that came through my door last week. No, I’ve no idea where it comes from. But it must be reliable because it says ‘All other conspiracy newspapers are conspiracies’ written on it.

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Slay Those Dragons

The dragon roared. But nobody heard him. His roar had been downsized and his job combined with that of a beach warden from Berrow. So, nobody was listening anyway.

This week the new Unitary Council had a special scrutiny meeting to look at what ‘transformation’ might actually mean. The Lib Dems are cutting services and sacking workers to such a great extent that at the end of the process the whole council will look totally different. This is what they’re calling ‘transformation’.

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