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Top Roles Again for Westover Councillors

At this years Annual Meeting of Bridgwater Town Council Westover ward councillors were elected to a range of key jobs on the new bigger and better local authority. Town Council is stepping into the role previously occupied by Bridgwater Borough Council, surrendered to Sedgemoor and then to County who immediately devolved powers back to towns […]

Bridgwater Town Council Tree Planting at Bristol Road Cemetery

Visitors to Bristol Road Cemetery will notice tree planting taking place. Councillor Kathy Pearce (Bridgwater Westover) the  Climate Emergency Portfolio Holder, said: “The planting is aimed to improve the appearance of the Cemetery and to create a living memorial. It is also an opportunity for Bridgwater Town Council to provide improved habitat for wildlife and […]

Town Deal Fund Holds the Key to Unlocking Major Projects in Bridgwater

When the Government announced a major funding scheme for various towns around the country just before the 2019 election and they mainly seemed to be in Conservative marginals, there was a degree of scepticism.  However, Bridgwater didn’t quite fit that bill. A Labour town in a ‘safe’ Tory constituency benefitting from a big bag of […]

Focus on Bridgwater’s Cemeteries

A ​year ago, Bridgwater Town Council took on the running of Quantock R​oad and Bristol Road Cemeteries from Sedgemoor District Council. In recent weeks problems in the supply chain for mower and equipment parts has led to longer  growth than expected at this time of year. As staff have resorted to hand cutting the grass […]