Top Roles Again for Westover Councillors

Kathy Pearce & Brian Smedley. Re-elected to Town Council leadership roles

At this years Annual Meeting of Bridgwater Town Council Westover ward councillors were elected to a range of key jobs on the new bigger and better local authority. Town Council is stepping into the role previously occupied by Bridgwater Borough Council, surrendered to Sedgemoor and then to County who immediately devolved powers back to towns and parishes as the extent of the financial setbacks became obvious. Bridgwater Town Council on the other hand are financially solid, and have more staff and assets at the disposal of the town since 1974.

Cllr Brian Smedley has been re-elected to the role of Town Council Leader and also Chair of the new Community Services Committee.

Cllr Tim Mander

Cllr Kathy Pearce is again Deputy Leader and will also be Deputy Mayor, which will see her as Mayor in 2025. She is also Vice Chair of the Amenities committee with the special role of Environment and Climate Change.

Kathy and Brian are also Somerset Unitary Councillors for Westover, which forms part of the Bridgwater South Ward. Kathy has the role of Chair of Planning Area North (the former Sedgemoor) while Brian is vice chair of the Standards Committee.

Cllr Tim Mander with his background in property  has been elected as Chair of the Amenities Committee, which has the major task fo delivering most of the new services taken on by town such as parks and open space and street cleaning. Tim is also Vice Chair of Planning and Vice Chair of the new Town Council run Bridgwater Arts Centre.

Bridgwater Town Council Committees

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