Mayor of Bridgwater

Leigh Redman. Bridgwater’s first elected-on-line-Mayor

The Mayor of Bridgwater for 2020-21 is Cllr Leigh Redman. Leigh lives in Hamp and is the town and district councillor there as well as being the County Councillor for Bridgwater South, which includes Westover.

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(From 1973 Bridgwater became part of Sedgemoor District Council and the role of councillor was reduced to simply ‘Charter Trustee’ whose limited powers ammounted to electing one of them to be Mayor for the incoming year)

1972+73 Saunders (Lab)  -Last Borough Mayor

1974 Charles Tester (Lab) – First Charter Trustee Mayor

1975 Trevor Donaldson (Con)

1976 Joe Ayres (Lab)

1977 Margaret Rees (Con)

Bridgwater Council Chamber probably c. 1952.

1978 Mick Briscombe (Lab)

1979 Bill Chedgey (Lab)

1980 Mike Needs (Con)

1981 Ken Richards (Lab)

1982 Joe Ayres (Lab)

1983 Mike Cresswell (Con)

1984 Jenny Briscombe (Lab)

1985 Mary Tustian (Lab)

1986 Julie Hooper (Con)

1987 Ken Richards (Lab)

1988 Trevor Donaldson (Con)

1989 Joe Ayres (Trad Lab)

1990 Mike Cresswell (Con)

1991 Ken Richards (Lab)

1992 David Baker (Lib Dem)

Oscar Coates becomes Mayor May 23rd 1957

1993 John Turner (Lab)

1994 Mick Briscombe (Lab)

1995 Trevor Donaldson (Con)

1996 Ken Parkin (Lab)

1997 Adrian Moore (Lab)

1998 Bill Munn (Lab)

1999 Roger Lavers (Lab)

2000 David Busby (Lab)

2001 Ken Richards (Lab)

2002 Adrian Moore (Lab) Last Charter Trustee Mayor

From 2003 the Government allowed Bridgwater to regain many of its ancient powers by creating a Town Council. With this new ‘parish’ status elections were held specifically for the role of Town Councillor.

2003 Adrian Moore (Lab) -1st TOWN Mayor

Mayor and Bear.

2004 Bill Munn (Lab)

2005 Bill Monteith (Lab)

2006 Pat Parker (Lab)

2007 Philip Smeed (Con)

2008 Graham Granter (Lab)

2009 Ken Richards (Lab)

2010 Bill Monteith (Lab)

2011 Pat Parker (Lab)

2012 Graham Granter (Lab)

2013 Dave Loveridge (Lab)

2014 Steve Austen (Lab)

2015 Leigh Redman (Lab)

2016 Alex Glassford (Lab)

2017 Graham Granter (Lab)

2018 Diogo Rodrigues (Lab)

2019 Tony Heywood (Lab)

2020 Leigh Redman (Lab)