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Blue Heritage Launch on The Meads

The Meads is a green wedge of mainly-low lying flood plain between the water courses of Hamp and Durleigh Brooks, overlooked by Robert Blake Academy on one side and St Matthews’ Field on the other.  Drainage ditches and willow trees divide the land.   Joe May, Project Officer from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, says “Come […]

BioBlitz on the Meads

People are invited to join a seasonal ecological survey on the Meads.  Become a wildlife explorer for the day and discover what’s living right on your doorstep by joining Sedgemoor District Council’s Ecologist at our third Bioblitz event at the planned  Meads Eco Park in Bridgwater. You can enjoy an afternoon of autumn bioblitzing on […]

Meads Eco Park: Looking for ‘Friends’

A few short years ago the area of private swampland between Hamp, Westover and Durleigh, known locally as ‘The Meads’ was brought into public ownership by Sedgemoor District Council in a landswap with Summerfield Homes. The result was the new Housing development  south of Durleigh road, which wasn’t terribly popular with some residents and the […]

The Meads – A Bridge Too Far??

For a couple of years now it’s gone very quiet over on the Meads. Back in July 2012 Sedgemoor District Council voted to support an SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) for the delivery of an Eco Park. At the same time a land deal allowed developer owned land on the Meads to come into public ownership […]

Westover Councillors Review Meads Eco Park

Sedgemoor District Council’s plans to create an ‘Eco Park’ on the Meads floodplain between Westover, Hamp and Wyndham wards, have been challenged by long term campaigners from the Durleigh area opposed to the proposed Housing Development on the fringes of the Meads and more recently by a petition organised and presented to SDC by Hamp […]