Blue Heritage Launch on The Meads

The Meads -a little bit of the Somerset levels in the heart of the town

The Meads is a green wedge of mainly-low lying flood plain between the water courses of Hamp and Durleigh Brooks, overlooked by Robert Blake Academy on one side and St Matthews’ Field on the other.  Drainage ditches and willow trees divide the land.   Joe May, Project Officer from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, says “Come and join us at the Meads in Bridgwater on Sunday 15th of August from 10am to celebrate the launch of the Bridgwater Blue Heritage project. We will be based on St Mathews Field with a day packed full of nature-based activities (see below!).  This will also be a great opportunity to find out more about the Friends of the Meads and become a member!”

Westover Councillor Kathy Pearce

Cllr Kathy Pearce is a Westover councillor and has been involved in the project as it has developed. Kathy says “This area is a real haven and I’ve always thought of it as a little piece of the Levels in the heart of the town.  Over the past few years, activities such as bird watching, bio-blitzes and wild flower identification (over 100 species are to be found there) have taken place.  Now, with the involvement of Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust we are able to build on that with the exciting Blue Heritage project to develop a wetland meadow which will provide improved habitats for wetland birds, flora and fauna. This is public space for all to enjoy and we hope that many people will come along to take part in the activities and find out more.”  

Jacqui Solomon, Chair of the Friends of the Meads says “This project focuses on preservation and restoration of critical green space in the heart of Bridgwater.  Proving its value during the last year as essential for good mental health, this slice of countryside facilitates healthy exercise, recreation and appreciation of nature. It provides easy access to discover the natural environment, impossible to replicate without conservation management. This provides an excellent opportunity for us all to become more involved in an environmental project on our door step”.

Get Involved

Don’t forget to follow the Bridgwater Blue Heritage Project and Friends of the Meads Bridgwater on Facebook. You can sign up in the comments or email to sign up / have any questions. Please also feel free to share with anyone who you think would be interested in taking part in any or all of the activities.