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Town Council ‘Still Not Convinced’ after round table meeting with EDF & SCC

Bridgwater Town Councillors who recently passed a motion calling for a halt to EDF’s ‘junction improvements’ programme and to revisit the idea of a By-Pass as a lasting solution to Bridgwater’s traffic problems today met with both EDF and Somerset County Council reps at the Town Hall to put their concerns to the By-Pass deniers. […]

Anger at EDF roads programme as Town Council repeats call for Bridgwater By-Pass

With the town of Bridgwater on the brink of traffic chaos due to a chain of works designed to ‘help’ the proposed Hinkley Point development, starting this coming week with the crucial Taunton road/Broadway crossroads, the Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Council has reacted angrily to statements from the EDF spokesman suggesting that the outcome will […]