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Bridgwater Twinning Day 2024

Bridgwater has 6 twin towns around Europe. La Ciotat in France, Homberg in Germany, Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic, Marsa in Malta, Priverno in Italy and Camacha in Portugal. Every year the internationalists involved in these twinnings get together and celebrate those links with a major event at the Bridgwater Arts Centre that is […]

East Timor Ambassador Visits Bridgwater

Joao Paolo da Costa Rangel has just become the East Timorese Ambassador to the UK. His second official visit (after Peterborough) is Bridgwater where he was greeted by Mayor of the Town Cllr Mick Lerry and a civic and community delegation. But why Bridgwater? In fact our town is one of the top 5 host […]

French Finally Win the Petanque!!

The French game of Petanque has a special relevance here in Bridgwater as it was invented in our French Twin Town of La Ciotat. For the past 2 years the Bridgwater Twinning groups have organised a Petanque themed get together on the grassy plains of Victoria Park, but first the Czechs won and then the […]

July 1st is Bridgwater International Twinning Day

Bridgwater has 7 twin towns in 7 countries -France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Malta, Italy, Portugal and the USA. Every year all the twinning groups get together at the Bridgwater Arts Centre and put on a show showing what they’ve done, presenting films about their partner towns and outlining their plans for the months ahead. […]

Bridgwater Stands with Ukraine: One Year On

One year ago Russia invaded Ukraine and the most dangerous war in half a century exploded onto our TV screens. Meanwhile in Kiev, Kharkiv and Kherson the whole world was exploding around the people of the Ukraine. Towns and countries across the world raised Ukrainian flags alongside their own on public buildings and in back […]