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Northgate Yard – Delivering a Leisure Project against the Odds.

How do you go from the prospect of a Tesco Mega store that frankly no one wanted to a much-needed new primary school; spanking new park and play area; Multiplex cinema; bowling alley and sports bar together with 4 destination restaurants? Well, the answer is with a lot of luck; the injection of public funds […]

Spring Opening for New Restaurants in Northgate Yard

Sedgemoor’s legacy offering to Bridgwater, Northgate Yard, has already seen the successful opening of the Scott Cinema multiplex and the landscaped Brewery Field and the final jigsaw in the piece, the long promised line of restaurants, have now been confirmed for a spring opening.  Nando’s, the South African-Portuguese restaurant of chicken fame, is expected to […]

Northgate -Where are we now?

It’s been a while since we gave an update on the Northgate project. A lot has happened and the countdown to completion is getting closer. Westover councillors Brian Smedley, Kath Pearce and Tim Mander recently visited the site and we’re in regular contact with residents, with Wilmot Dixon and with Sedgemoor District Council. Everyone wants […]

Northgate: January 2022

Just before Christmas Westover Councillors attended the ‘topping out’ ceremony at the Northgater development. This ancient Scandinavian tradition probably going back to the Vikings involves putting something green and growing on top of the highest point of your building. They did this with a shrub and then got us all to cover said plant in […]

Two ‘Good News’ Stories from Northgate

The 18th October has passed. The deadline for the Northgate lights to be fixed is now history. Will they? Won’t they? ‘YES!’ of course they will. Of course there’s a point to all this. Not only have the Northgate lights been fixed on time but tonight we have, in fact, ‘too many’ lights. But we’re […]