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Northgate: January 2022

Just before Christmas Westover Councillors attended the ‘topping out’ ceremony at the Northgater development. This ancient Scandinavian tradition probably going back to the Vikings involves putting something green and growing on top of the highest point of your building. They did this with a shrub and then got us all to cover said plant in […]

Two ‘Good News’ Stories from Northgate

The 18th October has passed. The deadline for the Northgate lights to be fixed is now history. Will they? Won’t they? ‘YES!’ of course they will. Of course there’s a point to all this. Not only have the Northgate lights been fixed on time but tonight we have, in fact, ‘too many’ lights. But we’re […]

Northgate: Let There Be Light!!

The concerns of angry residents have finally been listened to and the whole Northgate site is now lit up like a…well, like a site where people need regular safe access ought to be lit up. But let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth and credit where credits due. Ward councillors have pressed Sedgemoor […]

Northgate: The Blackout Continues

Sedgemoor’s prestige legacy project ‘Northgate Yard’ is looking a little less prestigious this week…well, if you could see it at all  as the dark nights draw in and the lights remain off. The disruption caused to residents during the construction phase has been made worse by months of failure to fix the street lights on […]

Monitoring the Northgate Project:- Autumn 2021

Westover Councillors continue to meet with Sedgemoor officers to keep up to date with the Northgate project and have also been taken on a tour of the site by Wilmott Dixon. However, tensions have been creeping in due to the failure for any of them to take responsibility to fix the lights along the School […]