Northgate: January 2022

Sedgemoor Councillors ‘topping out’ at Northgate

Just before Christmas Westover Councillors attended the ‘topping out’ ceremony at the Northgater development. This ancient Scandinavian tradition probably going back to the Vikings involves putting something green and growing on top of the highest point of your building. They did this with a shrub and then got us all to cover said plant in oil, salt and, oh I don’t know, ‘Myrrh’ maybe. This means the buildings reached it’s highest height and we’re now heading towards a Spring of intense works ready for a summer of loveliness on the blossoming Brewery Field and an autumn of a fully functioning and open leisure complex and town centre park. That said, at the moment we have a mighty morass of mud and an open ditch to stare at plus a concern that the height of the actual field, never mind the building, seems to be somewhat nearer the rooftops than originally thought. So the main plan for January will be to organise a site visit for residents to inspect the operation and see for themselves. If you’d like to come on a visit write to us at

Kathy Pearce signs the toppermost beam

January 2022 will be busy. In terms of build there’s the Internal cladding, making it weather tight, not watertight and the A3 building will be putting floor slabs into place. On the 1st floor composite decking will be going into place at the same time

A Town Centre Park

On the Brewery Field planting will happen in January. There will be stepping stones appearing and the swale will start to take shape. There won’t however be an opening of the footpath until completion in October

Food Outlets

Occupiers for the outlets are now expressing interest and the Council say they’re happy with the uptake with both local and international food outlets. These will be eat-in and not takeaway.

Residents site visit now imminent

Car Parking

Car parking will be restored and they wont be charging for evenings.

They are still however looking for solutions for permit holders.

Site visit this month

Next step is for residents to do a site visit.

Please get in touch and arrange a date.

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