Project Blueprint: Having a say in Bridgwater’s future

Wes Hinckes (web)
“Bridgwater is changing, it’s time for you to have your say!” Wes Hinckes

Everybody’s talking about the large investments that are going to be made in Bridgwater and the local area. Hinkley Point C is already contributing to our local economy, and there’s a likelihood of a Bridgwater Tidal Lagoon, both huge construction projects, both great employers, both using high tech skills that will help us to become a world leader in new technologies.

But how will that investment money be spent? Community Activist Wes Hinckes is urging people to look at Project Blueprint and recommends Westover people turn up to the YMCA on 18th & 25th March (2-5 pm) to find out more

“Bridgwater is changing, it’s time for you to have your say!”

So I was delighted to have been put in touch with Kate Rowlands of the Real Ideas Organisation. She and her team have been commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions to find out how the people of Bridgwater, Highbridge and West Somerset want the money to be spent!

Real Ideas

RIO are experienced in economic regeneration and the development of sustainable communities. They understand that a long term future requires a different approach than what we’ve seen applied before. It isn’t about quick fixes, it’s about working with the assets already present within our community. It’s about creating long lasting solutions to local problems.

Want to see what they can do? Try taking a look at Devonport Guildhall!

Project Blueprint is here to ask you – what problems do you see? And how can we fix them?

Bridgwater just needs a bit of spirit and fresh thinking, and it begins with Project Blueprint.

So get involved and have your say!