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Town Council Calls for ‘Legacy and Mitigation’ from EDF

At a specially called meeting of Bridgwater Town Council members last night to discuss the proposed ‘worker uplift’ with EDF, council members restated their insistence that the Hinkley C project must have consequential benefits, mitigate where unforeseen changes were made and come out of it with a legacy project for the community. The meeting was […]

EDF Lorry Increases Approved by County

The eagerly awaited ‘last chance’ to stop the 250 extra movements per day of EDF HGVs through Bridgwater came and went today with a simple rubber stamp of the EDF proposals by Somerset County Council Portfolio Holder for Resources and Economic Development (and, as it happens, Bridgwater Tory) Cllr David Hall (Con, Bridgwater East & […]

More EDF Disruption Proposed as Mitigation Package to be Thrashed out by Dec 18th

Labour councillors are aghast at the latest proposals by EDF Energy to increase the number of HGV road deliveries made to Hinkley Point C by up to 250 a day while work continues on the project’s jetty. Town Council Leader Brian Smedley (Labour Westover) said “Yet again it’s blatantly obvious that all this would have […]

Hinkley future in doubt as protesters take to the streets

The future of Hinkley Point was in the public eye today in central Bridgwater as anti-nuclear protesters took to the streets to add their weight to the growing pressure on EDF to abandon their £18.6 bn C Station project. The giant French energy company EDF is facing the decision to either cancel or delay building […]

Crowds go wild in celebration as St Mary street re-opens for traffic

Bunting was flown, champagne corks popped, streamers filled the air and…no they didn’t, the little plastic barrier was simply removed and the road finally re-opened after  months of chaos  and loss of trade. St Mary street is now once again and entry and exit road to Bridgwater town centre. Mayor of Bridgwater Cllr Leigh Redman, […]