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Bridgwater Labour Group Statement on the Resignation of Cllr Richard Morgan

“Bridgwater Town Council Labour Group were disappointed to hear through the Press of Cllr Richard Morgan’s decision to leave the Labour Party just a year after being elected with the rest of us on a Labour platform. It is particularly disappointing as the Bridgwater Town Labour Group and Bridgwater Branch had sought to support him […]

Ukraine Vigil: Galyna’s Speech

CЛАВА УКРАЇНІ! “Today we are all Ukrainians!” Here in England, in Somerset, in a little town of Bridgwater, we unite to show support to Ukraine. A week ago (feels like eternity! The longest and the hardest week in my life!) on Thursday night, Russia started a war on Ukraine, a large-scale invasion launched by a missile […]

Tree Summit set for June 4th

Trees are beautiful, trees help oxygenate the planet, trees are crucial in the fight against climate change. Who on earth would want to harm a tree? Certainly not people such as arboreculturists who have chosen this career due to their love of trees. However, at Somerset County Council workers are being put into this position […]

Mayor intervenes in ‘Anti-Social Youth’ row

Anti-Social Behaviour is once again a hot topic on Bridgwater’s social media with young people once more having the finger pointed generally in their direction. At tonight’s Bridgwater Town Council meeting the subject will be raised with the police. Ahead of this, Bridgwater’s young Mayor Cllr Diogo Rodrigues , intervened in the debate with his […]

Westover Hosts Bridgwater Syria International Football Friendly

For a while now, refugees from the war ravaged middle eastern country of Syria have been resettled around the globe giving them a respite from the suffering and the chance to start a new life. Clearly they’ve been through a lot. But that didn’t stop us offering them a friendly football match here in Bridgwater […]