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Bridgwater Town Hall Boost for Vaccination Campaign

Bridgwater has the lowest take up in Somerset for the Covid vaccination and so to address this Bridgwater Town Council has provided space for the NHS  to open up a walk in and get vaxxed drop in centre at the Town Hall . Leaders of Bridgwater Town Council were at the Town Hall this morning […]

Covid : Tackling the Sedgemoor Spike

After a long time at the bottom of the Covid league tables, Sedgemoor suddenly finds itself right at the top. Above Hull and 4 places in Northern Ireland. Johnson.B (a Prime Minister) had announced ‘Freedom Day’, the economy was opening up and the leisure industry would lead the way. What could go wrong? Especially as […]

Covid Surge: Mayor says “Think of others and follow the guidance”

With Sedgemoor now ranking second in the country in terms of rates of Covid cases, the Mayor of Bridgwater, Cllr Leigh Redman, has gone on BBC Radio urging people to ‘think of others and follow the guidance’.  Leigh continued “When i saw the numbers i started to ask the question myself. The numbers in Bridgwater […]

Almost Back to ‘Normal for Bridgwater’

It’s Monday 12th April 2021 and the biggest step yet in a post covid return to normality is being taken across the High streets of the UK. Some pubs have been trading since just after midnight and some traders opened their doors as early as 6am. Here in Bridgwater it’s no different and the streets […]

Councils Given New Government Cash to Help Businesses

New national business grants are being made available to support those affected by the recent lockdown period.   The two, new grants available are the Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG (Closed) Addendum) and the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG).  The government has once again asked district councils across Somerset, who are closest to their communities, to issue this funding.  Each local […]