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Flower Show is Back!

At last … it’s back! We’re talking about the Bridgwater Flower & Craft Show which last opened its doors in 2018. So what’s new? It will be at Westfield Church Hall in West St., which is a beautiful welcoming space for the whole community & the date for your diary is Saturday August 27th, with […]

Seed the Streets

It wasn’t long ago that Bridgwater Town Council contributed some money to the project to revamp Bridgwater’s Fore Street which included some large tubs for planting flowers to further enhance the street scene. However, with one thing and another , not to mention the Covid crisis, the large tubs have been left empty-apart from an […]

Big Bag of Bulbs

This time every year each Sedgemoor District Council ward gets a big bag of daffodil bulbs to do something useful with. And so we have here in Westover another big bag of bulbs to do something useful with. Any ideas? In the past we’ve given the bulbs to, for instance Brownes Pond, the YMCA skate […]

It’s Daffodil Planting time again

Each year Sedgemoor District Council’s ‘Clean Surroundings’ team distributes a goodly sack or two of daffodil bulbs to ward councillors for planting to brighten up their wards.And it;s that time of year again!! In Westover we always ask our residents where they would like them and have in the past planted at the YMCA skate […]