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Westover Rhapsody

It’s been a long, hard, often disconcerting election campaign. So now’s the time to sit back and reflect upon where we are and what needs to be done for the next 4 years in Westover ward.

Vote LABOUR in Bridgwater

Please turn out today and vote for your LABOUR candidates. Bridgwater is a Labour town and we hope it will stay this way on Friday when the votes are counted. Here are the LABOUR candidates in Bridgwater. Here is our record for the past 4 years, where we have delivered exactly what we promised. LABOUR […]

Westover Polling Stations Update

Westover ward has traditionally had 3 polling stations -the Town Hall in the High Street (BAK) , Westfield Church on West Street  (BAL) and Trinity Hall on St Saviours Avenue. This year Trinity is unavailable and so Taunton Road area voters (BAM) will need to vote at the Town Hall. Unless you’ve got yourself a […]