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Vote CLARE MOODY in Westover today

There are elections across the Avon and Somerset area today to elect a new Police and Crime commissioner. polling stations are open until 10pm tonight. There are 4 candidates -the sitting Tory, Labour – the main challenger , a Lib Dem and a Green. Please vote for CLARE MOODY, Labour.

Labour retain Town Council…..and Westover

At the elections of May 5th, the people of Westover (and Bridgwater) chose Labour candidates one more time to represent them. Westover is now represented at County Unitary level by Kathy Pearce and Brian Smedley and on Town Council by Kathy, Brian and Tim Mander. At the same time Labour increased control of Bridgwater Town […]

It’s Question Time for the Candidates as Election enters Final Week

Whilst Boris Johnson appears to be afraid to face questions from BBC presenter Andrew Neil, it seems that our local Conservative candidate Ian Lidell-Grainger is scared to even show his face to a roomful of Bridgwater College students. Hence the no show at student hustings this Friday. And, sadly, he also won’t be making an […]

Westover Rhapsody

It’s been a long, hard, often disconcerting election campaign. So now’s the time to sit back and reflect upon where we are and what needs to be done for the next 4 years in Westover ward.

Vote LABOUR in Bridgwater

Please turn out today and vote for your LABOUR candidates. Bridgwater is a Labour town and we hope it will stay this way on Friday when the votes are counted. Here are the LABOUR candidates in Bridgwater. Here is our record for the past 4 years, where we have delivered exactly what we promised. LABOUR […]