Labour retain Town Council…..and Westover

Kathy Pearce yet again tops the poll in the Westover vote..

At the elections of May 5th, the people of Westover (and Bridgwater) chose Labour candidates one more time to represent them. Westover is now represented at County Unitary level by Kathy Pearce and Brian Smedley and on Town Council by Kathy, Brian and Tim Mander. At the same time Labour increased control of Bridgwater Town Council winning 2 extra seats to make it Labour 13 Tories 3. At the same time it’s all change at County Hall with the new Unitary Council. Kathy and Brian were elected to represent Bridgwater South, which includes Westover and Hamp. However, the new County make up is 61 lib Dems, 36 Conservative, 5 Labour, 5 Green and 3 independents. Sedgemoor District Council will continue in existence for one more year.

Unitary Results

Once twice 3 times a councillor. For Town, District and County its Cllr,Cllr,Cllr Smedley


Kathy Pearce (Labour) 804 ELECTED

Brian Smedley (Labour) 768 ELECTED

Matthew Fermor (Con) 508

Klaus Galeitzke (Con) 440

Phil Stone (Lib Dem) 201

Theo Jupp (Lib Dem) 199

Full Unitary results here

Out of the firing line into the fire, it;s new kid on the block Tim Mander



Town Council results

Kathy Pearce (Labour) 562 ELECTED

Brian Smedley (Labour) 536 ELECTED

Tim Mander (Labour) 508 ELECTED

Brian Bolt (Con) 308

Full town results here