It’s Question Time for the Candidates as Election enters Final Week

The candidates line up…but there’s someone missing…Can you tell who it is boys and girls??

Whilst Boris Johnson appears to be afraid to face questions from BBC presenter Andrew Neil, it seems that our local Conservative candidate Ian Lidell-Grainger is scared to even show his face to a roomful of Bridgwater College students. Hence the no show at student hustings this Friday. And, sadly, he also won’t be making an appearance at the final public question time of the campaign either this  Sunday 8th December at the Bridgwater Arts Centre at 7pm when Bridgwater voters have one last chance to quiz the people putting themselves forward to be our representatives in Parliament.

Last chance saloon?

The Art Centre event is being organised by Somerset Loves Europe and will be chaired by former EU and British Diplomat Anthony Smallwood, who served as the EU spokesman in Washington DC until 2010, with a shining career in diplomacy and development cooperation for the UK and the EU, including postings in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Brazil, the Caribbean and the USA. Mr Smallwood also helped to launch and manage the EU’s ERASMUS Programme of inter university cooperation and higher education student mobility. As a diplomat with no political affiliation, safely neutral.

Westover Councillors urge Labour Vote

Westover councillors fly the flag

Westover Councillor Brian Smedley, who is the campaign manager for Labour candidate Oliver Thornton, and not at all neutral, said “The election is turning into becoming all about who do we vote for to get rid of the Tories and Labour is clearly in the best position to do that, coming a strong second  in 2017 with 17,000 votes while the Lib Dems (despite their bar charts) coming a poor 3rd on 6,000. But the election is about restoring faith in our democracy and although the Tories seem unable to show their head above the parapet to defend their years in Government the other parties have all put themselves before their voters at every opportunity and answered everything asked of them.”

Kathy and Brian
Kathy Pearce and Brian Smedley, Westover Councillors urge a vote for Oliver Thornton

“I’m sure people would love to know what Mr Lidell-Grainger feels about coming 623rd out of 650 MPs in terms of the recent Change.UK survey of responsive Mps. Odd really because Tories usually love league tables. Oliver has been to every hustings so far including farmers, environmentalists and students and is proving to be visible, confident , popular and willing to work with people , listen to people and fight to win. Which he can do – but only if everyone who wants to get rid of the Tories unite behind him and vote for him.”

Westover is represented  100% by Labour councillors. Along with Town Council Leader Smedley, all our councillors have been out working for Oliver Thornton. Kath Pearce is Oliver’s Agent whilst town councillor Li Gibson and County Councillor Leigh Redman have been trudging the streets and knocking on doors.

Scenes from the student Hustings at Bridgwater College