Labour County Election Campaign kicks off in Westover

Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South) kicks off Labour County election campaign in Westover

Westovers County Councillor Leigh Redman led his troops out onto the streets of Bridgwater today with the new edition of the Bridgwater Rose appearing through a letterbox near you in the near future.

The County Council election will be on Thursday May 4th and Leigh is leading the fight not just to keep Bridgwater RED but to extend Labour influence across the district.

Westover and Hamp form Leighs County division of Bridgwater South,but there are 3 other divisions across Bridgwater. Bridgwater North and Central is a Labour seat (Sydenham and Eastover) and held by Cllr Dave Loveridge, but Bridgwater West and East have been labour seats in the past but are currently held by the Tories – largely due to a rise in the UKIP vote letting the Tories in. The Lib Dems have long ago been wiped out in Bridgwater.

Westover Councillor Brian Smedley out on the doorsteps with Leigh Redman…Free Red Smed Album for whoever can guess the street….

In Bridgwater West – basically the Victoria and Wyndham wards, Labours candidate is Tony Heywood and in Bridgwater East (Dunwear, Bower and outlying villages to Bawdrip,Chedzoy and Weston Zoyland, Labour is fielding it’s youngest candidate Diogo Rodrigues.

But today it’s leaflets. Have a look at your copy of the Bridgwater Rose and hopefully you;ll agree with us that we have to get the Tories out of County Hall and the way to do that in the Bridgwater area is by voting Labour.

To follow Labour’s election campaign for the County Council go here.