Bridgwater Canal ‘A Light at the End of the Cutting’

Town Council Leader Brian Smedley  “Realistically looking at October..”.

Last month Bridgwater Town Council demanded action on the re-opening of the Albert Street Cutting  which has been closed since 2021.  The problem was perceived safety concerns  and delays in the commissioning of works by the Canal and Rivers Trust. Town Council Leader Brian Smedley called for a 3 month completion date and ‘no more slippage’.Ben Carroll, principal Project Manager for the CRT, this week informed the Town Council leader “We have now completed the review of the tenders and have chosen a preferred contractor. Provisionally we are looking to be on site in late August, with the works expected to take approximately 6-weeks to complete. We will be able to firm up dates in the coming weeks. We will also be looking to arrange a stakeholder engagement event on-site prior to the works starting, likely early August.”  Cllr Smedley responded “At least this is some progress and realistically we’re looking at October for completion. But we’re getting there….”

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