The Brick Settee is Back

Bricking it

After months of being left damaged on the side of the docks the Brick settee (which is a sculpture of a settee left damaged on the side of a dock)  has finally been restored. Ward councillors raised the issue of the vandalism earlier this year, and kept insisting and now it’s sorted thanks to the Clean Surrounds team, Scott Mason and Steve Prowse.

the damaged version


Action in action

Westover Councillor Brian Smedley commented “I was on the Sedgemoor arts panel when the two dockside settees were first installed.  I wasn’t sure at the time that what we needed was a couple of sofas that looked like they’d been dumped, but more concerned for anyone wandering back home from town late evening, thinking they’d got home and then throwing themselves down on the sofa only to find  they’d landed on solid brick. However, like most things, they become a feature and as such need to be looked after. So we thank Sedgemoor for their work in sorting this out and restoring these ‘interestingly themed benches’ to their original (ish) form.”