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Raging Against Rubbish in Bridgwater

This year, Bridgwater Town Council wants to focus on tourism. Proudly promoting our lovely town to the wider world. There are six new hotels on their way, the population is growing and people are interested in Bridgwater, its heritage, its history, its unique cultural offer and its wonderful scenery. Especially people are excited at the […]

Waterways Group in Docks Accolade

The West Country Branch of the Inland Waterways Association  has won this years ‘Branch Achievement’ award and today held an event at Bridgwater Docks to receive a trophy, honour their volunteers and promote their ongoing workload. Mayor of Bridgwater Graham Granter was there to thank them for their contribution to our town and other Town […]

Bridgwater Docks Gala a success: But does it open the lock gates to a Maritime future?

This weekend the sun shone and the crowds turned out to support the third annual Bridgwater Docks Gala, making use of the wonderful public space that connects the River Parrett to the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal. Stalls surrounded the 19th century dockside, food and drink flowed, music played and dancers danced while community groups as […]

Town Development Forum supports Maritime Future for Bridgwater

At this weeks meeting of the Bridgwater Town Development Forum, Ray Alexander from the Inland Waterways Association made a presentation urging Sedgemoor District Council and the Environment Agency to consider the future navigation options for the town by ensuring the Tidal Barrier was ‘futureproofed’ and had the potential for a lock and the penning of […]

Docks Gala Increases Focus on Bridgwater’s Waterways

Last week a flotilla of 10 cabin cruisers came across the Bristol Channel and went up the Avon into Bristol harbour basin with large numbers of people on board each craft. At a  estimated spend of £250 -£300  per craft by those on board into the local economy it is easy to see how Bridgwater’s […]