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SDC Scrutiny Committees team up to look at Maritime Matters

On Monday 5th October the Sedgemoor Scrutiny Committees – Corporate chaired by Brian Smedley and Community chaired by Kath Pearce, will meet jointly to look at all matters maritime that might benefit from some joined up thinking in the wake of the proposed River Parrett Tidal Barrier. Brian Smedley explained “There is a great opportunity […]

Family Fun Day at Bridgwater Docks

When Bridgwater woke up this morning it was chucking it down. All the work put in by Pat, Sara and their team might end up being viewed through aqua rimmed glasses from beneath a veil of umbrella tracked raindrops. Not only that, but the weed in the canal was threatening to scupper the planned pleasure […]

Workers concern at Canal Bridge cracks

A team of volunteer workers cleaning up the canal paths in the Westover ward of Bridgwater have drawn councillors attention to serious structural damage around the Albert street Bridge which they felt needed investigating. ‘Green Team’ worker Chris Lock posted photos of cracks in the canal walls supporting the bridge and the cuttings and alerted […]

IWA Volunteers active in Westover

Volunteers from the Inland Waterways Association have been stepping up their activities in the Westover ward in recent months and were out again in force recently Volunteer co-ordinator Mike Slade has sent us this report. IWA Volunteer Group has been undergoing ‘hands on’ training with some power hand tools.This will enable us to do more […]

Canal Clean Up – Volunteers wanted

On Wednesday 9th July 2014, from 10.00am – 2.00pm, you can join the Inland Waterways Association West Country Branch at Bridgwater Docks to tidy up the area surrounding the canal. Volunteer Mike Slade said “Volunteers meet here regularly to keep the area smart and tidy. You can take part in this contribution to the local […]