Storm and Flood Warnings for the Bridgwater Area

“Things can only get wetter…”

Police have called a major incident with a red warning for severe weather which hugs the coastline.  Winds will be starting up at 0300 hrs on 18th February and really bad from 0700 hrs until mid-day, and there will be gusts of up to 100 mph, especially along the Severn channel.  Wind will remain strong all day.  The highest impacts will be along the coastline due to spring and high tides at the same time as the high winds. It is not anticipated any of Environment Agency defences will be compromised. High tide in Bridgwater will  be at 0745 and 2000 on Friday 18th February.

More information here  Met Office

There have been three meetings of the Avon and Somerset Local Resilience Forum, where there is a multi-agency response with meetings scheduled for 0600 hrs and 0900 hrs on Friday, 18th Feb.

A spokesman said “We have well-prepared plans in place – our business continuity plans are at the ready. This is a moving situation, so we are preparing for the worst and hoping the major incident will be over by Saturday and impacts will be minimal. We are prepared for the clean-up/recovery operation over the weekend.”

High tide in the Bridgwater area will be at 0745 on Friday 18th February and again at 20.00. These are areas of concern;-

Communications Our website has emergency numbers on the front page and there is a schedule of social media safety messaging going out at regular intervals. (see graphic below).

Somerset Civil Contingency unit have contacted holiday park owners along the coast, due to vulnerability of mobile homes to severe wind and high occupancy rates due to half term holidays.


Staff have been advised to work at home unless they are in critical services.

Out of Hours contacts CCTV act as duty contacts.  Senior Managers are on a gold rota, all are briefed.
Rest Centre arrangements Homelessness team on standby to set up and staff rest centres, should any residents need to be evacuated from their homes.
Office Buildings Staff have been advised to work from home and avoid travelling tomorrow while this severe weather warning is in place.


If their work is essential to the running of critical services, and it is safe to travel, Bridgwater House and Colley Lane and the BoS depot will be open to these staff only. In the event of a power cut, there is an emergency generator in BWH and Colley Lane.


BWH reception/CCTV/Clean surroundings/Building Control will be open to assist residents.

Roads Highways England – potential closure of both Severn crossings early tomorrow morning.  M48 bridge close 2300 hrs.


National Highways are prepared for debris, fallen trees etc, as are SCC and our clean surroundings teams.

Rail Are prepared for travel disruption
Airports Are prepared for travel disruption
Utilities Are prepared for disruption.  Fallen trees/wind may cause power failure.

Staff told to make sure laptops and phones are charged.

Coastal Flooding Whilst the winds are forecast to be gale force 9, one of SDC’s main concerns are the extremely high tides, spring tides with storm surges.  Our public messaging is that we are prepared, but keep away from coastal areas i.e. BoS Esplanade.  The Environment Agency have closed the flood gates.    There are 270 valuable properties along the Severn; all of whom are on the Flood Warning scheme.
Blake Gardens Barrier is now closed.
BoS and Berrow Beaches The car park at Berrow will be closed.  Public messaging about staying off the Esplanade.
Sandbags for vulnerable properties Have been despatch via BARB and clean surroundings team.
Clean Surroundings Have a mobile van at the ready with sandbags.

All tree qualified staff in tomorrow plus one on call

Schools SCC have announced that all schools will be closed for the day – see SCC website
Somerset Waste Partnership All waste collections will be suspended tomorrow (Friday 18 Feb) in light of the risks posed by Storm Eunice.  Rubbish collections will be returned for this Saturday (19 Feb), recycling and clinical waste collections next Friday (25 Feb) – see SWP website
Hinkley Point C The site is closed apart from essential staff.  Cranes and plant have been secured.   Anticipated to return to normal on Monday.