Town Council Launches Forward Plan for 2017-18

Promoting what’s best about Bridgwater

Bridgwater Town Council has presented its ‘Forward Plan’ for 2017-18 with an increased focus on promoting our town.

Town Council Leader Brian Smedley (Westover) said “This year we are concentrating on what’s best about Bridgwater, and that’s our location as a jumping off point for  nearby tourist destinations, and we want to retain some of that footfall, which is why we’re seeing new hotels in the town. We want to promote what we’re good at -and that’s our tradition of artistic creativity, community spirit and entertainment through our Cultural Partnership  and focus on opportunities for the future, which means our young people, through our Youth Forum .” 

Town Council Leader Brian Smedley

“We want the whole community with us on this, which means developing the estates where most of the people live, addressing the major transport issues that have bedeviled the town and pushing for opportunities arising from infrastructure projects such as Hinkley Point, with it’s CIM funding and the Tidal Barrier with it’s potential for revitalising our historic waterways and waterfronts. And we want to make our town centre worth coming to through a programme of enhancements ranging from the Celebration Mile to the Town Team initiatives. And finally we want to try our best to work with Sedgemoor District Council where our projects have common goals – not always historically possible, but we’ll give it a go.”

To find details of the councils structure and individual roles of each councillor click here.

To find a report on the previous year click here.

BTC’s 5 identified priorities for 2017-18 are

Priority Update
Bridgwater Town Centre, Northgate Project & Celebration Mile Work with Sedgemoor to achieve movement on upgrade of town centre (ML)

Tourism potential for town and review of promotional materials (BS)

Town Development Forum. Town Development Forum established and BTC accepted as key consultee (BS)
Hinkley Point + Mitigation funding for Bridgwater Liaison with SDC regarding CIM projects (LR)
Waterways, Docks, Barrier & Navigation Work with IWA, CRT, EH & SDC to achieve best navigational result for Bridgwater, focus on Docks CIM bid (KP)       Tidal Barrier and future proofing (ML)
Bigger Bridgwater Opening up Town Hall to community access (LR)

Better promotion of Town and Council plus extending future boundaries (BS)

Expand Youth work through funding of youth initiatives and Roller Coaster (DR)

Promote Town Centre through Cultural partnerships ie‘Quayside‘ festival (TH)

The town is looking forward to a waterfront future..and not a watery demise….

Annual Town Meeting MONITOR 2017-18

Key policy Action Terms of reference
Increase Community Representation BS Expanded Forum system-TDF, Transport, Youth, Culture, Twinning – add Tourism
Greater public access to Town Hall LR Bridgwater Room (Old Council Chamber), Hall facilities and access to other rooms and floors
Co-operation with Sedgemoor BS 5 working priorities agreed (below)
Police surgeries & beats BS Continue 1st agenda item policy/PCC visit June 29th
EDF/HPC Community Mitigation funds LR Target key legacy projects -Town Centre/ South Bridgwater/ Docks/Taunton rd Ponds/Bristol rd
Greater attention to Heritage matters BS Closer co-operation with Civic Society via Planning Panel
Reviewing Town Boundaries BS Report to boundaries commission upon next review opportunity
Waterways, Docks & Navigation KP Work with Inland Waterways Association on Barrier and Docks/increase navigation-river/canal
Cultural Partnership TH Co-ordinate arts,culture and heritage provision/ support town centre ‘Quayside’ Festival
Better Promotion of Bridgwater BS Review and upgrade tourism resources/work with SDC
Celebration Mile ML Ensure action at either end plus focus on town centre
Sustainable Towns KP Widen vision of renewables, transition towns, energy efficiency
Northgate Development BS Co-operate with SDC & SCC to achieve town’s aims-green space ,leisure use ,Town Centre comp
Affordable Housing ML Provision, supply and location of affordable rented accommodation & ‘Fair Landlord’ campaign


Bridgwater Docks -a hidden gem

Forward Plan


Monthly targets Key BTC meetings Actions
June 2017 ·         Committees,Outside bodies established,Forward plan agreed +5 Priorities identified

·         Town Transport Forum -20mph scheme launched Tues 4 July 4pm

·         Town Development Forum -Sue Mountstevens Thur 29 June 7.30pm

BTC 15 June BS



July 2017 ·         Co-operation with Sedgemoor meeting Review top 5 SDC/BTC priorities

·         Review of Bridgwater Tourism & PR

·         Docks Gala Saturday 2 July

·         Quayside festival 29.7.17





August 2017 ·         Celebration Mile review

·         Town Hall -review of future works and costs

·         Tidal Barrier update

·         Docks and Waterways update

·         Northgate School -progress and safe routes update






Sept 2017 ·         Bridgwater Fair

·         Cultural Forum report , Festival & Art Centre review

·         Youth budget review and criteria for spend-Finance ctte 13th Sept

·         State of the Town Centre – Walkabout


 BTC 14 Sept

Ward members




Oct 2017 ·         Bridgwater Together Project

·         Trade Mission to Priverno

·         ‘Born in Bridgwater Campaign’ review & Hospital visit

 BTC 26 Oct BS



Nov 2017 ·         Carnival, Fireworks, Snowflakes & Shopping, Christmas tree & lights

·         CIM funding review (ward priorities agreed)

·         Bridgwater History Day Nov 11

·         Staff review + consideration of carers allowance

·         Premises review + accessibility audit






Dec 2017 ·         Outline Budget Core funding, Ward Grants & Precept Budget options circulated  

·         Affordable Housing review

       BTC 7 Dec AH


Jan 2018 ·         Bridgwater Cup

·         Budget 18-19 Finance ctte then BTC 

BTC 11 Jan




Feb 2018 ·         Civic Service   Civic Service   
March 2018 ·         Deputy Mayor election for 2018-19 Mayor Making procedure BTC 8 March DR
April 2018 ·         Twinning Conference

·         Sustainable futures -eco town, renewables, innovation

BTC 12 April BS


May 2018 ·         Annual Town Meeting Annual report presented

·         Mayor Making –

10 May

11 May


DR (2018-19)