International Petanque Tournament in Bridgwater 9th July

The names are drawn from the chapeau….

As Euro fever sweeps the nation and Clean Surroundings sweep the nearby roads, the final draw for the Bridgwater International Pétanque Tournament has caught the  nations, towns, people playing’s,  imagination. Organiser Michael Wheatley from Pétanque International’s Headquarters (not far from Bridgwater Docks) drew the names out of a hat as eager teams gripped the sides of their chairs to find out who they would finally be playing. The tournament will be held on Friday 9th July from 12 noon to 3 pm at Victoria Park, Bridgwater and teams will be drawn from Bridgwater’s many international partnership towns. Pétanque was invented in Bridgwater’s French twin town of La Ciotat in 1907. Or 1910.


Group A

England -Germany-Malta-Italy

Group B

France-Portugal-Czech Republic- USA

This means the games will proceed as below  starting 1210 played 2 at a time on parallel courts


The Tournament

Group A                                                         Group B

England v Germany                                                      France v Portugal

Malta v Italy                                                                   Czech v USA

Germany v Malta                                                           Portugal v Czech

England v Italy                                                               France v USA

2.30 (the winners from each group will play in the final for Gold and Silver and the second places will play on the parallel court for Bronze and , er… Toffee maybe (?)

Winner A v Winner B                                                     2nd Place A v 2nd Place B

Bridgwater’s Twin Towns

Twinning night July 24th

Bridgwater has 6 official twin towns

La Ciotat (France) 1957

Homberg (Germany) 1992

Uherske Hradiste (Czech Republic) 1992

Marsa (Malta) 2006

Priverno (Italy) 2015

Camacha, Madeira (Portugal) 2019

In addition Bridgwater has historic links with Bridgewater Massachusetts which also happens to be, oddly, 10 miles from Taunton.

There’s prizes…..

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On July 24th there will be a Twinning Evening with Music and video links to our partner towns held at the Bridgwater Arts Centre from 8pm.

More information here.