“Where are you really from?” – Exploring Migration and Identity

THURSDAY, 17 JUNE 2021 FROM 19:00 –21:00

Bridgwater Together & The Eclectic Collective presents  

Free  · Online event

“Go back to where you came from! We don’t want you here.” Who is ‘we’? and where the hell am I supposed to go ‘back’ to?” An event exploring migration and identity in Somerset, maybe? Yes-ha! There will be diverse topics of discussion with our esteemed guest speakers, talking about their own experiences of migration and the impact they have felt on their identity as well as opportunities for the audience to connect and form a network with each other in the smaller workshops held in breakout rooms.

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Co organiser Roshan Adve says “We are hoping to bring people together to reconstruct the values we hold as British people, shed light on Britain’s colonial past, revise the language around migration, explore the causes and consequences of Racial Imposter Syndrome and much more!”


1) “Re-examining Britain’s past: An accurate history of colonialism” – Delving into Britain’s guilt-ridden, imperial past and exploring how the effects it had on migration are felt today.

2) “So you think you’re British? Reconstructing British values” – A workshop on scrapping the façade of British values we are taught in school and brainstorming new values that society should aspire towards.

3) “Revising the language around Migration: Debunking migration myths” – A socio-linguistic analysis on how the negative language that politicians and political parties use around migration trickles into our culture and how to recognize and counteract this.

4) “What Are You? Exploring the Mixed Identity” – A workshop exploring the difficulties people face expressing and coming to terms with their racial identities in a majority white area and the experience of racial identity dysphoria.

The event will be livestreamed

For more information go to  Facebook or contact the organisers at eclectic.antiracism@gmail.com