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Jazz Blues Cafe Rejected by Development Committee

Westover councillors supported the bid by SRL promotions to establish a jazzblues cafe at 18 High street. However, the vote was tied 7.7 and rejected by the Chairmans casting vote. Below is the speech by Westover councillor Brian Smedley. Speech to Development Committee 26.11.2013 I’m Brian Smedley and I’m one of the ward councillors for […]

Westover Councillors Call for Planning Policy Review After Jazz Cafe Rejection

Westover Ward councillors Brian Smedley and Kathy Pearce have called for a total review of Sedgemoor Planning policy for the Town Centre following today’s disastrous split vote at the Development Committee which saw members divide evenly and the Chairman’s casting vote turn down the project. Cllr Smedley has written to Sedgemoor expressing his concern at […]

Six Months After Planning Consent TESCO Moves The Goalposts

Six months ago the Multinational Megastore Tesco was granted planning permission to build on the green open space yards from peoples homes around the Brewery Field in Westover ward. People were incensed then and opposed it, yet the Planning committee approved it whilst laying down some firm conditions to limit noise nuisance. Six months later […]

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