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Bridgwater’s Big Bash – Music and Theatre on a hot summer’s day

For the second weekend this summer Bridgwater has basked in the community spirit of it’s talented and creative people. Last week it was the Bridgwater Docks Gala and this week it was the turn of the Bridgwater Big Bash-a street party organised by the Bridgwater Arts Centre. It was summer and the sun came out. […]

Traders Survey suggests 28% downturn due to EDF/SCC roadworks

Following a meeting with Bridgwater town centre traders, Westover ward councillors were alerted to a serious downturn in trade due to the effect of the roadworks being carried out since February 2015 by EDF/SCC on the Taunton road and Broadway Junctions and impinging on St Mary street. A subsequent meeting with ward councillors Brian Smedley, […]

Town Traders in Face to Face meeting with EDF

The second meeting of Traders angry about the effect that EDF road works are having on their turnover was held at the Town Hall on Wednesday 1st April and chaired by County Councillor for Bridgwater South Leigh Redman. This time EDF were present to face their critics directly. Traders present included Biddiscombes, Loft Fashions, Autosave, […]

Anger as EDF roadworks affect Town Centre Trade

A group of Traders have met with their councillors to raise concerns about the disastrous effect of EDF’s programme of road works on their trade. The roadworks on the Taunton road/Broadway A38/39 junction have been extensive causing tailbacks for the past two months, creating rat runs through one way streets and increasing stress amongst road […]

Squibflakes and Shopping

Although we’ve been listening to the merry strains of every festive song from ‘Do they Know I wish it could be Christmas every Christmas’ to ‘Happy Christmas Mr Hargreaves time for your injection’, blaring out from shops for the past month, in fact Christmas actually started today. Here in Bridgwater we have a recent ancient […]