Czech Cops in Town for Carnival

Czech Police on the streets of Bridgwater
Czech Police on the streets of Bridgwater

It was of course a joke made at the last council meeting by Town Council Leader Brian Smedley that the arrival of 2 Policemen from  Bridgwater’s Czech twin town Uherske Hradiste would double the Police presence. Sadly it wasn’t far off the truth.

At the October Town Council meeting the members heard from a visiting officer that Police cuts and re-organisation had left the town in a sorry state. Next day it was plastered all over the Bridgwater Mercury. Maybe it should also have been noted that the Town Council voted to strongly support the need to fight for more Police resources in general, to invite the Police Commissioner to an urgent meeting and to explore possibilities of tapping into the EDF fund for ways to boost police numbers.

Meanwhile into town popped the reinforcements.

Vlastimil Paurik and Radek Pavelka are officers from the Czech force and were on an exchange programme with Bridgwater Police organised by Bridgwater International.

Their towering presence, excellent command of English and friendly disposition made them many friends in the town and not only boosted police numbers but added a touch of glamour to the occaision.