February High Tide pass with minor incidents

F1 River Levels
F1 River Levels

The predicted high tide of early morning February 1st failed to reach the levels of the January 4th floods in central Bridgwater but again drains on West Quay failed and the street filled with water whilst in Blake gardens the Durleigh brook again overtopped and filling the park once more this time was diverted by the new St Saviours temporary flood barrier sending gallons of water cascading via a new water-feature into the Old Taunton road underpass.

On West Quay by the time had turned at 8.30 Somerset Highways engineers were pumping out the drains whilst in Blake Gardens Derek Wall, Sedgemoors Engineer on the spot was waiting forn the river to drop before giving the order to pump out the underpass.

Drain Watch. At 7.30 residents alerted Highways workers to the drains on West Quay filling up.

As the waters rose through the manholes extra sandbags are brought out in front of the Fountain pub.

In Blake gardens the Durleigh brook overflows sending a stream of water cascading into the lower levels but the new Sandbag Maginot line diverts waters from the houses in St Saviours.

A new water feature is created as Lake Blake overspills into the underpass.

Meanwhile back on West Quay the pumping starts.