Fund Raising Quiz Night at Arts Centre on 17th August with ‘Red Smed’

quizSaturday 17th August you’ll have the chance to win sensational cash prizes (for the Bridgwater Arts Centre) by turning up in teams of up to 4 to the Castle Street venue from 8pm and handing over £2. A ‘General Knowledge’ quiz organised by quiz master Red Smed will be held in the bar and gallery of the country’s first art centre with all funds raised going to the venue in question.

Red Smed said “Not many people today remember who was Soviet Foreign secretary in 1933 or the total yield of tractor production in the 1948 ‘Great 5 year Plan’ and almost nobody can name the entire Soviet politburo from 1973. Who remembers now what was Yuri ‘Sputnik’ Gagarins middle name and that the first ‘People’s’ car was in fact the Ford Mondeo. People need to know these things.”

When asked if the quiz would all be like this Red Smed answered “No”.