Northgate: Let There Be Light!!

Northgate finally sees the light

The concerns of angry residents have finally been listened to and the whole Northgate site is now lit up like a…well, like a site where people need regular safe access ought to be lit up. But let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth and credit where credits due. Ward councillors have pressed Sedgemoor and Wilmott Dixon about the lack of lighting on the school lane for months and warned that dark nights were drawing in. And then, like a bad script, the lights at Blacklands went out as well. This week residents were getting angry and councillors were raising the pressure….but it brought results and now we have not only a relit Blacklands passage but some fine bulkhead lighting down the school lane.

Blacklands finally sees the light of day

Cllr Brian Smedley (Westover)  said “We have been reassured that the bulkhead lights along the Schoolside will be in place now until the proper street lights get fixed. This should be October 18th. And if ‘for some odd reason’ they don’t get fixed, then these temporary lights will stay on. After making our case increasingly stridently we finally have a solution. Northgate is a major legacy project for Sedgemoor and the residents are being asked to put up with a lot so it is good that their concerns are being listened to. Let’s hope it stays that way. “