‘Seed the Day’ on Saturday 12th September

The Seed the Day event has moved this year to the Bridgwater High Street, Town Hall and Engine Room to allow for more space between stalls and people attending. The Fair and Market , which will be held on Saturday 12th September from 10am to 4pm, was born out of the Town Council’s Climate Change Forum last year and was previously held in Castle Street.  Organiser and Bridgwater Town Councillor Li Gibson (Westover) said “The Forum meetings were set up to give the Town’s people  a voice to express their concerns and ideas around the climate and ecological challenges that we all face. These challenges are with us right now and will be a part of any solutions we have for our continued future. We have produce stall holders and environmental groups that want to make a difference to what we do and how and what we buy.”

Vegan Market

Cllr Gibson continued “Some of the ideas have been taken forward by the Council and action has been taken by looking at strategies regarding plastics, pesticide use, home/office energy providers, traffic pollution, sustainable travel and tree planting ( Tree Fund). Our aim at the event is to bring people together so we can all become more aware of our environment, and learn about the ways in which we can get involved in our local communities, and organisations working on a larger scale so we can bring about the change that is needed for a continued supportive healthy planet. “
We all love cake

Seed the Day will operate this year solely as a street market due to Covid restrictions and the High Street will be closed to allow stalls stretching from the Cornhill up to the top of High Street and events to take place, with limited numbers, within the Town Hall itself where talks will take place on a range of environmental matters and also in the Engine Room whose cafe will be open for the day.

Environmental Groups

Cllr Gibson added “Our partner is Vegan Fairs who bring some wonderful stalls to the Market. The food stalls have producers coming from Somerset, Bristol and Stroud.  Items include pies,cakes,pizza, fermented foods, curries, many deli foods and delicious fried foods and much more all made from plants.  Environmental groups include The Woodland Trust, the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace who have their roots nationally and internationally. Please come and see what work they are doing. Local Somerset groups include Rage Against Rubbish, Bridgwater Area Cycling Campaign and Somerset Climate Action Network and may others. All will explain the work that they are doing  and ways that you can do to get involved locally. We hope to see you at the Market for some good food, interesting products and great  conversations. Please support the Market and Act Now!”