‘Standing Up Against Bullying’ at The Engine Room on July 6

Anna from the Engine Room

Anna Niedzielska from Bridgwater’s Engine Room has organised a public event to highlight the problems of and responses to the issue of ‘Bullying ‘  with the backing of community Group ‘Bridgwater Together’. The event would take place at the Engine Room in Bridgwater on 6th of July  from 11am to 5pm. The aims of Bridgwater Together are to promote & celebrate diversity within our (Bridgwater) community, to facilitate equality and community empowerment and assist towards removing barriers preventing equality & equal access to opportunities and facilities, to engage people in the diverse cultures, which exist in the Bridgwater area.

Anna says “Our contacts with local ethnic minority organisations and community groups would increase the chance to reach as big as possible number of potential beneficiaries. As a mother who experienced bullying of my child in the school I can easily say that was very difficult process to find any help. I had no idea where to seek even the simple advice. Eventually, thanks to my workplace (Somerset Film – local charity organisation) I meet many
different people who would gave me some idea how to deal with the problem, but I’m sure there are plenty of parents who have no one to ask or they’re simply not confident in speaking English to do so.”

Saturday 6th July

posterThe plan is to organise a one – day informational event for local ethnic minorities about how to deal with bullying in schools. The event would take place at the Engine Room in Bridgwater on 6 th of July 2019 from 11am to 5pm. Anna says “We’d like to create part drop-in day, with a number of local representatives around to ask questions and get advice throughout the day and part-structured event with speakers at key times. The aim of this event would be to raise awareness and inform beneficiaries about the common problem of bullying in schools. We want to address this event to ethnic minority groups to make sure that they have knowledge about the help available and ways to deal with bullying. We would like to give people good access to information, which often is not easy because of language barrier or lack of knowledge about the local community. We would like to invite everyone who is interested in the subject but especially people who experienced bullying and their families/ friends. There are cases of bullying affecting ethnic minority in schools. Unfortunately due to lack of information or difficulty to search for info caused by language barriers or simple fear, a number of families do not act against the bullying and became a silent victims. This makes them feel isolated, anxious and hopeless.”

For more information please contact Anna Niedzielska at the Engine Room on 01278 433187