Webberbus to the Rescue!

Transport Forum Chair Moira Brown's appeal is heard by Webberbusses Mark Pedlar
Transport Forum Chair Moira Brown’s appeal is heard by Webberbusses Mark Pedlar

Campaigners fighting for the restoration of a local bus service from Newtown to the town centre are celebrating today with the news that following the issue being raised at the Town Transport Forum, Webberbus have agreed to step in with a solution.

Mark Pedlar, Webberbus delegate to the Transport Forum, said “We are taking over the 6 with effect from 11th Jan. We took the decision to run commercially following long consideration. We have had eyes and plans for the 6 (our F) for some time and the depth of feeling at the Bridgwater Transport Forum convinced me that we should be running it. It will be linked to our C service which in turn will be taken off of the 24 service. Hopefully improving reliability for both. By linking it to the C, passengers from South Sydenham will be able to get to the East Quay Medical Centre and the High Street. Likewise those from the F will be able to get to Redgate and Sydenham. Once the service has been operating a while I will look at taking it into the railway station but I want to see how it runs at first to check that I have enough time in the Schedule. Because the bus will run onto a school run later in the day it will have to be our seat-belt fitted small bus that we use. Unfortunately it will be slightly older (05 plate) than passengers on the F are used to but at least they will have a 6 day service once more.”

“Matters very much to residents”

Mark Pedlar (Webberbus) and Cllr Moira Brown (Chair of Transport Forum)
Mark Pedlar (Webberbus) and Cllr Moira Brown (Chair of Transport Forum)

Cllr Moira Brown (Lab, Eastover) who chairs the Transport Forum said ” The cessation of the Number 6 bus route was an agenda item at each of the BTC Transport Forums. As Webber buses were present, they were able to hear the concerns raised about this. It was clearly apparent that it matters very much to residents when a bus route is taken away , as it has a direct impact on the quality of their daily life. On behalf of the Transport Forum I want to say we are delighted that Webber buses has made the decision to reinstate the Number 6 bus, and, on behalf of the residents concerned, would like to thank them. “

Resident Sally Jones said “The OAPs will be getting a bus back and including Saturdays which is a victory for Bridgwater and especially for the town centre because without this bus they wouldn’t be able to get in and support the shops as they have been doing”

Ward Members appreciation

Cllr Mick Lerry  "Really great!"
Cllr Mick Lerry “Really great!”

Victoria ward councillors from both political parties had raised the issue at the Transport Forum .

Cllr Mick Lerry (Labour, Victoria) said “It is really great that Webber have stepped in to make sure that the Number 6 will continue to run and provide a sustainable bus transport for the residents of Victoria Ward. It just goes to show how important the Bridgwater Town Forum has been in securing a bus service that Bridgwater commuters were about to lose”

Town Council Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Westover) said “This is exactly how the Forums should work. People raise issues that they believe are important to the town amongst people who can deliver, who listen and then deliver. It’s a great result”

Cllr Duddridge "Very pleased"
Cllr Lance Duddridge “Very pleased”

Cllr Lance Duddridge (Con, Victoria ) said “I’m very pleased that this service has been resumed after a lot of work by residents and I’d especially like to thank Webberbus and also county councillor Ann Bown for her input” .

Consultation continues


Cllr Moira Brown continued “The County Council Transport consultation is currently ongoing and the Transport Forum intends to take up the offer by Roger Smith of the Angel Place shopping centre to have a stall there in the new year to talk directly to the public.”