Westover & Bridgwater South Planning decisions 10/10/2023

2 planning applications for our area were discussed at todays meeting. Both had been objected to by Bridgwater Town Council. Ward member Brian Smedley spoke in support of the Town Council objection and moved motions to object however both votes were lost

Ashleigh Terrace lost 6.3

North Street lost 8.1

Therefore both planning applications were approved by Somerset (North) planning zone


Planning Application 08/22/00194 Land to the East of 6, Ashleigh Mews, Ashleigh Terrace, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6  PDF 132 KB

To consider an aplication for the erection of a dwelling.


That application 08/22/00194 for the erection of a dwelling at land to the east of 6 Ashleigh Mews, Ashleigh Terrace, Bridgwater be approved subject to the conditions detailed within the report and an additional condition for biodiversity.

Planning application 08/23/00307 52 North Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3PN  PDF 128 KB

To consider an application for the Change of use of dwelling to form an 8no. bedroom HMO (Home in Multiple Occupation).


That application 08/23/00307 52 North Street, Bridgwater to change the use of the dwelling to a 8 person HMO be APPROVED as detailed within the agenda report with the amendment to Condition 3.